Released: December 27, 2002
Watched: January 24, 2021

“And then he ran into my knife… he ran into my knife ten times!”

Filling in my gay card. So many references and memes make *a lot* more sense now!

Not sure why I originally skipped out on this — lack of access in theaters? Zero interest in Moulin Rouge (which came a year before) influencing my decision to nope out on this?

In any case, better late than never. Really enjoyed the use of the musical numbers as escapist/fantasy sequences for the characters on the show; the editing interweaving those musical numbers with the “real life” scenes was interesting to watch. I’d love to see how the stage version approached this.

While the second act had some nice numbers (Mr. Cellophane, Finale), I felt the best numbers were frontloaded (All That Jazz, Cellblock Tango, When You’re Good to Mama, We Both Reached For the Gun).

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